How often should you change oil in a used car?

How often should you change oil in a used car?

When buying a used vehicle there are many things to take into consideration, especially when it comes to the vehicle’s health and maintenance history. After you’ve purchased the vehicle, you want to remain diligent about regular service, especially oil changes. Should you be getting oil changes more regularly with a used car than with a new car? Exactly how often should you change the oil in a used car? We’re going to explore the proper maintenance schedule for used cars below.

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Used car oil change schedule

The rule for oil change frequency is currently being debated among automotive experts. Should it be every 3,000 miles? Every 10,000 miles? With a used car, our team tends to lean towards being safe, not sorry.

The easiest way to check your used car’s oil change schedule is to reference the owner’s manual. If you no longer have that available (if you purchased from the former owner directly), bring your vehicle into a trusted car service specialist to assess its health.

Benefits of changing your used car's oil
Used car oil change schedule

For a used car, however, most car maintenance professionals and mechanics are going to encourage drivers to have their used car’s oil changed every 3,000 city miles or 7,500 highway miles, especially if the car is five years old or more.

Benefits of changing your used car’s oil

Cars were built to last drivers a long time. They were also designed to perform at their full potential when properly maintained. Oil is our vehicles’ lifeblood, so it needs to be as healthy as possible to keep the car functioning properly. As time goes on, debris can build up in the oil causing friction in the engine. Regular oil changes ensure the oil is as clean as possible and capable of keeping the engine and all of its components hydrated.

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For more information on proper used vehicle care, contact our team at Certified Autoplex. Prospective car buyers can also schedule a test drive online or at our dealership today.