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Used Car with Cruise Control

Making a Smart Choice: Why Purchase a Used Car with the Cruise Control Technology?

Buy Used Vehicles with Cruise Control in Dallas, TX 

If you often embark on long road trips, you might have come across the Smart Cruise Control technology in vehicles that makes driving more comfortable. Cruise control, once deemed a luxury, has transitioned into a feature that urban commuters and long-distance travellers appreciate. This mode allows the driver to effortlessly maintain a consistent speed for as long as needed. While purchasing a used car, picking one equipped with cruise control is a prudent choice for various reasons. If you want to buy used vehicles with cruise control in Dallas, TX, then look no further than Certified Autoplex. Keep reading this blog to explore the advantages of opting for a pre-owned vehicle with cruise control.

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What do you need to show police if you are pulled over?

Documents You Should Always Have In Your Car

There are a few documents  you should always have in your car. While they are generally valuable to keep track of, these precious papers are also important because you may need to turn them over if you are pulled over by a police officer. What do you need to show police if you are pulled over? Learn the top three important documents (and why you might need to show them) below. Read the rest of this entry >>

What Should You Do If You See A Car Accident?

You Just Saw An Accident. Now What?

What Should You Do If You See A Car Accident?

If you are unlucky enough to see a car accident (but lucky enough to avoid it yourself) your first thought might be “What do I do now?” It seems like you should have to do something, right? Most states, including Texas, don’t have any rules about whether or not you stick around at an accident you have witnessed. If you are in an accident, you must call the police and fill out an accident report (or else it will be considered a hit-and-run), but as a witness you have options. Keep reading to learn more about what should you do if you see a car accident. Read the rest of this entry >>

roadside kit for winter

What should I keep in my car this winter?

Winter is right around the corner, and we all know how unpredictable the weather can be during this time. Although we don’t really have to deal with the snowfall here in Texas, we do have readers from around the country, which is why we’re putting together a list of items to keep in your car to stay safe this winter. Even if you’re in a southern state, snow can happen at any time, so it’s better to be prepared in case of an emergency. Read the rest of this entry >>

Safety tips for driving in fog

Safety Tips For Driving in Fog

To put it simply, fog occurs when there is a temperature difference between the ground and the air. This happens quite often, but sometimes are more intense than others. If you’ve ever had to drive through thick, blinding fog, then you know firsthand just how difficult it can be. Our team here at Certified Autoplex wants to help keep everyone safe on the roads by sharing a few tips for driving in fog. Read the rest of this entry >>

Tired behind the wheel

How-To: Stay Awake When You’re Tired Behind the Wheel

Everyone’s experienced it at some point – not being able to stay awake behind the wheel. You’re on the same highway you take back home every time after a long weekend. You know the drive like the back of your hand, which makes it easy. But then you start to notice yourself yawning nonstop, and you feel your eyelids getting heavy. Our team here at Certified Autoplex is going to share some tips to help stop this dangerous situation in its tracks. Read the rest of this entry >>

Tips for Driving at Night

Tips for Driving at Night

Driving at night can be challenging for obvious reasons, which is exactly why our team here at Certified has put together a list of important tips to remember for when the sun goes down. Our depth perception and peripheral vision do not perform as well in low-light conditions, and headlights can only do so much. Put these tips into action next time you’re driving at night to stay safer behind the wheel. Read the rest of this entry >>


How-To: Protect Your Car from Flood Damage

It might seem like you’d know exactly what to do if a flood occurred, or any other natural disaster, but you really don’t know what it will be like until it’s happening to you. Did you know that flash floods can still occur up to 12 hours after a heavy rainfall? It’s important to always stay on top of the latest weather updates and news to determine if there is any threat to your vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>