Can I wash my car in my driveway in DFW?

When your car is looking dusty and disgusting (or maybe you are having trouble seeing through the windows, which would make it a safety concern as well) it is time to clean you car. But that can lead to a few questions. Are there Dallas water restrictions on washing your car? Can I wash my car in my driveway? We’ve already talked about some great places to get a car wash in the Carrollton TX area, now we are going to look at whether or not you can wash your car yourself.

How To: Clean and Organize Your Vehicle

Are there Dallas water restrictions on washing your car?

man washing a very sudsy carBecause of the heat and limited water supply here in DFW, there are some restriction on how city water and public water can be used. Car wash businesses have to meet several criteria about how they use their water, but an individual washing their vehicle does not even require a variance. The city does encourage those washing their vehicles to use as little water as possible using a bucket or container for soapy water, and a hand-held hose with a positive shut-off valve. You can learn more about how water can be used in Dallas here.

Neighborhoods may have individual rules

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to wash your car by hand or to go to a car wash is what rules apply in your individual community. Some residential areas will have restrictions on things you can do (like washing your car, car repair, or parking a vehicle in your driveway for a long period of time). It’s good to check your local community’s rules before breaking out the hose and getting the soap.

Having a clean car inside and out in all seasons can help keep the vehicle in good condition and increase your resale value.