Fast Facts about the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Is Bold and Beautiful

Mercedes-Benz, and especially Mercedes-Benz AMG, have always been know for bold, beautiful and powerful vehicle with unstoppable engineering. From the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models in our inventory to the latest releases, Mercedes-Benz shines. Which means that the new Mercedes-AMG GT Concept promises to wow drivers. We already have our jaws dropping from its sleek lines, but this model also benefits from the fuel efficiency of light hybridization and practical trunk space.. While this is just a concept vehicle now, production models are anticipated. Keep reading for fast facts about the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept.

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Fast Facts About the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

  • Powertrain: V8 gasoline engine and high-performance electric motor/battery
  • Performance: up to 805 horsepower; 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds (in current model)
  • Panamericana Grille: verticlal ribs painted red on the sides
  • Headlights/Daytime Running Lights: LED and based on active nano fiber technology
rear view of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept
headlight close-up on the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept
side piece, possibly the charger, on the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept
overhead view of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept