Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about safe car seat practices for all the traveling you’ll be doing during the upcoming holidays. Our team here at Certified Autoplex has gathered information to help drivers keep their little ones protected on the road. Be sure to check this out for further details.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three out of four car seats are not installed properly. We think this statistic is alarming, which is why we’re helping to spread the word. When a car seat is properly installed, it dramatically decreases a child’s risk for injury or even death in the case of a car accident. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention determined that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death among children, but the good news is there are ways to change this.

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Safe back to school driving

Top Three Car Seat Hacks –

  1. No Added Layers – The day’s over, and you’re heading back to your car. When you get outside you can see your breath, and you realize the inside of the vehicle is freezing too. Instead of putting a blanket down, just allow some time for the cabin to warm up. It’s important to never put an added layer between your child and the car seat as it could inhibit the car seat’s ability to protect your child in the event of a crash.
  2. Don’t Rent a Car Seat – A lot of drivers will find themselves renting a car this winter, especially if a plane ride is required to get to the destination. Luckily for you, most airlines allow car seats to be checked for free. It’s important to use your own car seat, even when you’re renting a car, because you never know the true history behind a rented one. The risks here out weigh the benefits.
  3. Secure Loose Cargo – Winter traveling can require a lot of extra belongings including Christmas presents and everyone’s luggage. One of the most important measures you can take before heading out on the road is to make sure all of these items are secure in the car. If there is cargo in the cabin that’s not tied down, it can become hazardous if you get in an accident.

These are just a few of the safety tips we’ve come up with for winter driving with children. Those interested in learning more are welcome to contact our team for further information. Drivers can schedule a test drive online to get behind the wheel of a safe, family-friendly vehicle today.

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